About St Barth Ferry LLC

Who is St Barth Ferry

St Barth Ferry was started with the idea of providing simple and easy access to ferry services in the Caribbean region. We have since branched out to also include Europe and the UK.

By utilizing our many years of working in the maritime transportation industry and also hands-on ferry operations, we knew there had to be a simpler way of finding, reserving, and purchasing ferry tickets.

Here at St Barth Ferry, we use ferry transportation in our own daily lives and so we understand the needs and wants from the passenger's point of view, because we are passengers, just like you.

We at St Barth Ferry approach the process of reserving and scheduling ferry transportation with the traveling passenger in mind. We only work with ferry operators that are safe, efficient, secure, and passenger satisfaction orientated. Our primary goal is to make your travel experience pleasant, affordable, and issue-free.

At St Barth Ferry we pride ourselves on our customer service. We are here to help take the stress out of travel and we sincerely and greatly appreciate you using our services. Thank You....

Is my booking secured?

St Barth Ferry only works with operators that can provide a real time link to our booking systems this ensures that overbooking and unseated bookings cannot occur. All St Barth Ferry tickets are only offered in partnership with the vessel operator.

Are there any hidden extras?

There are NO hidden charges, all booking and boarding charges and taxes are included in our ticket price.

Why travel with St Barth Ferry?

With over 10 years of experience in ferry travel operations, the team at St Barth Ferry and Go Fast Ferry have developed a secure platform utilizing world-leading technology providers based in the United States and the European Union.

Does St Barth Ferry keep my data safe?

St Barth Ferry does not retain any data for commercial purposes. Payment information is held securely by Stripe LLC, one of the world's leading Payment Handling providers with headquarters in the United States and European Union.

Does St Barth Ferry sell my data?

St Barth Ferry will only ever use your data for internal purposes, such as publishing travel updates and discount ticket offers. St Barth Ferry doesn’t sell customer data to any third-party organizations.