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How To Reserve a Ticket

Step by Step Instructions to Help You Book and Purchase Your Ferry Ticket

How To Reserve Your Trip

St Barth Ferry has worked hard to create one of the most customer friendly ticket reservation systems online today, our booking process is designed to allow our customers to book a ticket quickly with no fuss while at the same giving our customers the peace of mind that comes with booking a real ticket

Choose Round Trip or One Way
  • Enter Departure Port
  • Enter Destination Port
  • Enter Trave Date
  • Enter Number of Passengers
  • CHECK COVID and VISA Requirements
  • Click the Reserve Now button to proceed to the travel itinerary
St Barth Ferry One Way
Choose from the available sailing times by clicking the Departure
  • Click Proceed.
St Barth Ferry Round Trip
Enter Passenger Sex
  • Enter Seat Type
  • Enter Age (Note that Child DISCOUNTS s often apply)
  • Enter details for Each Passenger
  • Choose between a Single One Way / Round trip
  • Day Trip is Same Day Depart & Return
  • Add or Remove Passengers
  • Click Calculate Price
St Barth Day Trip
Check the Price and Itinerary
  • Enter Seat Type
  • Enter Passenger First & Last Name - "Upper-Case"
  • Select ID or Passport - Number & Exp. Date
  • Enter Nationality
  • Click Proceed
Deep sea Fishing St Maarten
Enter Contact Details
  • Enter Email Address - where your booking confirmation will be sent
  • Enter telephone Country Code
  • Enter Telephone Number
  • Click Proceed
Deep sea Fishing St Maarten
Enter Address
  • Enter Street Address
  • Enter State or City
  • Enter Country
  • Enter Zip or Post Code
  • Click Pay Now
Deep sea Fishing St Maarten
Enter Credit Card Details
  • Enter complete Card Numbe
  • Enter Name as it appears on the card
  • Enter card Expiry Date
  • Enter Security Code / CVV number
  • Day Trip is Same Day Depart & Return
  • Add or Remove Passengers
  • Click Pay Now
Deep sea Fishing St Maarten
Success! You have now reserved your GoFastFerry tickets
  • You will receive a booking confirmation by EMAIL, and you MUST present this at the Ferry Check in Desk where you will be issued with Boarding Ticket(s).
Deep sea Fishing St Maarten

You will also receive a Receipt of Successful Payment from Stripe LLC, our payment handling partner. We advise you to keep this with your Booking Confirmation.

St. Barth Ferry: The Automated Guild To Booking a Ferry Ticket

St. Barth Ferry is a company that provides ferry transportation services to St. Barthélemy, a French island in the Caribbean. The company operates multiple ferry routes between St. Maarten, St. Martin, and St. Barthélemy, providing a convenient and affordable option for travelers.

The FAQ page of St. Barth Ferry's website answers a variety of questions that potential customers may have. It provides information about the ferry schedule, ticket prices, baggage allowance, and travel documents required to board the ferry. The website also offers guidance on how to make a reservation, how to modify or cancel a reservation, and what to do in case of bad weather or other unexpected circumstances.

Customers can book their tickets online or at the ticket office, and they are advised to arrive at the ferry terminal at least 30 minutes prior to departure. The company offers different types of tickets, including one-way and round-trip tickets, as well as special rates for children and groups.

The FAQ page also contains important information about COVID-19 protocols and regulations, as well as the company's policies on refunds and cancellations related to the pandemic. Customers are advised to follow the guidelines set by the local health authorities and to inform the company in case of any health-related issues.

Overall, the FAQ page of St. Barth Ferry's website is a valuable resource for anyone planning to travel to St. Barthélemy by ferry. It provides clear and concise information about the company's services and policies, ensuring that customers have a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

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